Introducing GoldLUX Pro

The #1 Rated Trimmer Of 2020!

$169.99 $69.99 Today!  53% off

Used By Over 15,000 Customers

Titanium Zero-Gap T-blades Never Pulls or Cuts

Perfect High Precision Lines Every Time

Complete 360° Visibility, 40mm Zero Gap Adjustability

Light & Ergonomic For Salons, Barbers and Home Use.

Powerful Motor That Never Overheats + 3 Hour Battery Life

Safe & Comfortable For 'Downstairs' Too!

The Last Trimmer You Will Ever Need

The GoldLUX Pro is no ordinary trimmer. Whether you are cutting hair, shaping your beard, or trimming your stash, this trimmer will give you a great finish. The blades have been carefully designed to allow you to focus on the smallest details. Suitable for daily use, this trimmer is all you need to create and maintain your own unique style. 

Developed with absolute precision in mind, the GoldLUX Pro uses a 360 degree exposed T-blade, providing complete visibility, no matter the position of the trimmer. It's easy to use in a mirror for when detail matters. The exposed blade also lets you zero-gap your tool on the fly. 

The GoldLUX Pro ticks every box:
  • Professional - Salon Quality 
  • Full 360° Visibility - easy to use in a mirror
  • Carbon Steel T-Blades - Stays sharp and never pulls
  • Powerful 7200rpm Motor - Easily handles thick hair
  • 3 Hour Battery Life - It's on when you need it
  • Waterproof Blade Head - Easy to clean
  • Gold Finish - Because style matters
  • Ergonomic Grip - Easy & light to hold
  • 12 month warranty 

$169.99 $69.99 Today!  53% off

(#1 Rated Trimmer of 2020!)

Precision Styling

Perfect Lines Every Time...No Cutting Or Pulling!

With the GoldLUX Pro, you can create any look you want, right down to the smallest detail. Build your unique style and maintain that look every single day, quickly and easily. It all comes down to having the best tool at your disposal.

You will not find a better trimmer under $100. In fact, our users tell us the GoldLUX Pro is better than most of the $300+ big brand trimmers out there - scroll down for the reviews!

Your style matters. So should your trimmer. Upgrade your daily trim today.

Product Reviews

Hear What Our Awesome Customers Have To Say

Evert A.


Amazing! Some of the best liners/trimmers I've ever owned! It is beautiful.
1. The blades are easy to adjust
2. The motor is powerful
3. They really don't get hot
4. You can see what you're doing at a better angle due to the blade
5. They're Cordless, you don't have to keep worry about a cord being in the way which allows you to focus more on your lineup.
These trimmers are great, highly recommended. I most definitely will be buying another one in the near future. Cordless trimming is life!

Kamryn R.


I’m a licensed cosmetologist and barber in two different states. As a PROFESSIONAL let me tell you these are THE BEST trimmers you can invest in! Not only do I use these, but so do all my coworkers. I’ve used several different clippers and brands over the years and nothing comes close to these! These will shave the hair down to next to nothing (without modifications)! And give you the CLEANEST and SHARPEST edge ups! If you are buying these for work, do not sell yourself short. You can’t go wrong. Or if you’re buying these for yourself at home, DO IT! Whatever the use, they’re the best you can buy!

Paul M.


These trimmers cut better than my Andis Pro Slimline trimmers with blades that have been sharpened and zeroed that hit hard, Reason being, the power of this trimmer is so much greater, you can really feel the difference. These are truly premium trimmers worth the price.

Brandon L.


These hit hard! Arrived in 6 days . So easy to zero gap with the tools they sent. Def worth the money. Thank you! 

Joanna D.


Obsessed with these trimmers, I personally didn’t zero gap mine as they are super sharp / tight. 
They are awesome, the best trimmer I’ve used so far. 
Support is responsive and flexible. I recommend!

Shane P.


Arrived fast really good items really good condition perfect trimmer

Skyla W.


Videos don't do this justice to how good these look in person. On video, I thought it was "cheesy" looking, but in person, these look sooo good and high quality. The cut is A+ too!

Mario H.


GoldLUX Pro - Outlining Trimmer

Janiya B.


Very good quality I highly recommend it. All perfect.

Emile T.



Jackson N.


This might be the lightest hair trimmer I've ever used! I haven't used any of my other trimmers since getting this, it does literally everything I need. 

Willis Jnr.


These joints hit hard. That is a game changer. the power of this trimmer is so much greater, you can really feel the difference. These are truly premium trimmers worth the price. Arrived in 5 days.

Packed With Features

  • 360 degree exposed T-blade for perfect visibility
  • ​40mm zero gap adjustable DLC/Titanium T-blade
  • ​EDM Technology motor delivers outstanding cutting performance
  • Knurled barbell grip for comfortable and safe handling.
  • Carbon Steel provides a long-life blade that stays sharp.
  • Usage time: 3 hours - Charging time : 110 minutes

Included In The Box:

  • GoldLUX Pro Trimmer
  • ​4 x Hair Guards (1.5, 3.0mm, 6.0mm, 9.0mm)
  • ​Universal Power Cord (100~240v)
  • ​Cleaning Brush
  • ​User Manual

The Barber Lab

We founded The Barber Lab out of frustration with big brand name trimmers failing to do the job we needed when working long hours in a salon. They would pull, drip oil, and were impossible to zero-gap on the fly - not to mention they were uncomfortable to hold. These were trimmers we paid hundreds of dollars for. 

We went all in on creating the perfect hair trimmer. We focused on the quality of the motor and blades. We wanted a light trimmer with a 360 degree view. We focused on function and battery life

After a year in development, we launched the GoldLUX Pro in 2020, the first premium quality trimmer that you can get today for under $100!

We hope you enjoy your GoldLUX Pro as much as we do. It really is the last trimmer you will ever need.

Much love,

The Barber Lab Team

P.S. If the GoldLUX Pro is not the best trimmer you have ever owned, you can take advantage of our 90-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee! Pretty cool, right?

Got Questions?

  • How much is shipping?
Worldwide shipping is 100% free! 
  • How long does shipping take?
We aim to dispatch within 48 hours of the order being received. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
  • What is the battery life?
The battery will hold charge for a full three hours, and takes less than two hours to fully charge. 
  • Does the motor get hot?
No! This is a salon-quality professional trimmer designed for heavy use. Not only is it ergonomic and light, the powerful motor will not overheat!
  • Do the blades 'pull' the hair? 
No. Our precision titanium blades (with zero-gap capability) are razor sharp and will never pull your hair...you can even use it downstairs with full confidence!
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. We go above and beyond, providing you with a no questions asked 90-day full money back guarantee! It also has a 12 month manufacturer warranty as well. Because your hair matters.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If this is not the BEST trimmer you have ever owned...

...we will give you a full 100% refund - no questions asked! 

$169.99 $69.99 Today!  53% off

The #1 Rated Trimmer Of 2020 With The Ultimate 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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#1 Rated Trimmer of 2020
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